1. What is your Usage Policy for images/photos on this site?

Answer: Photos/Images on this site cannot be modified or reproduced in any way. All photos are ©JennyZ DreamZ Photography. If you are looking for photos to use in graphic designs or PSP then please refer to http://digitalartheaven.com/store/ for more details.

2.  I live in your area and I'm looking for someone to photograph my family or event.
Are you available?

Answer: Contact me at jennyzdreamz@gmail.com

3.  How long until I receive my photos?

Answer: Regular sessions can take 2 weeks- 1 month to be finished. Weddings/Events/Labor & Delivery can take 4-6 weeks. Please note that fall sessions may take a week or two longer due to our high volume workload during that time.

4. What form of payments do you accept?

Answer: PayPal and Cash. If paying with cash please be sure to bring the correct amount to your session.

5. Why do you only shoot unplugged weddings?

Answer: There are several reasons for this. I won't get into them all. Most importantly, a photographer that you have hired for your special day shouldn't have to compete with family and friends to capture those special memories for you. Too often guests cameras and cell phones tend to not only cause flaws in the photos we take but also hinder those that we are photographing. (ex: group of 5 people with only 2 of those people looking at our camera and the other 3 looking at Auntie June's camera). Another reason is that we don't allow our poses to be copied, not by family/friends or any other photographers attending the event.

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